Mainly to verify the analysis results

Task Information Verification

Mainly to check task information (task_info) and uploading (upload) asset information. Whether it is automated analysis using the SDK or user-defined local analysis, the result must be verified in this step.

Check the analysis results.

Check the analysis of the task information and upload asset information.

class rayvision_api.task.check.RayvisionCheck(api, analyze=None, workspace=None)

Bases: object

Check the analysis results.

check_analyze(analyze, workspace, is_cover=True)

Initializes the configuration file information.


Check the error in the analysis scenario.

According to the status code of the analyzed error information, the API interface is called to obtain detailed error information and solutions, and the warning information is printed out, and the number of error information is recorded.

  • language (str) – The language that identifies the details of the
  • obtained, 0 (error) – Chinese (default) 1: English.

List of detailed descriptions of errors.

Return type:


static check_path(tmp_path)

Check if the path exists.


Check and add the required parameter information.


Check the working environment.

Parameters:workspace (str) – Workspace path.
Returns:Workspace path.
Return type:str
execute(task_json, upload_json='', asset_json='', is_cover=True, only_id=True)

Check asset configuration information.

Check the scene for problems and filter unwanted configuration information. :param is_cover: Whether the updated json file overwrites the file under the original path,

by default ‘True’.

Check the scene.

Determine whether the scene has an error based on the number of serious errors.

Raises:RayvisionError – There is a problem with the scene.

Check and write to a json file.