Make sure local Python environment and PIP are available before use.

Installation Guide

Method One (recommended):


Users who have limited access to the Python official address network can download and install from our custom server。

  • Download from Python official pypi (recommended)

    pip install rayvision_maya

    pip install rayvision_clarisse

    pip install rayvision_houdini

  • Install from a custom PIP server

    Before using specific rendering modules, such as Houdini rendering, please refer to the following installation method to install the modules in turn rayvision_log, rayvision_api , rayvision_utils , rayvision_sync,

Method Two:

Download source code directly from GitHub:

git clone

git clone

git clone

git clone

other modules are installed similarly to the secondary installation method

Method Three:

  • Setup IDE for PIP with address:
  • Take pycharm as an example:
../_images/pycharm配置PIP地址.png ../_images/pycharm安装自定义包.png