Exception code

code symbol description
100 FAIL failed
200 SUCCESS returns successfully
301 NEED_REDIRECT need to redirect to other addresses
400 APIError error request
403 FORBIDDEN no permission
404 RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND resource does not exist
500 INTERNAL_ERROR server processing failed
513 USER_CACHE_NOTFOUNT user_message_find_fail
600 PARAMETER_INVALID illegal parameter
601 PARAMETER_CANT_BE_EMPTY missing required parameters
602 NEED_USER_LOGIN requires user login
603 ILLEGAL_PROTOCOL illegal request
604 VALIDATE_CODE_ERROR mobile verification code error
605 VINSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS insufficient permissions
606 VALIDATE_COMMOM_CODE_ERROR verification code error
607 VALIDATE_SEND_CODE_ERROR verification code failed to send
608 USER_AREA_ERROR customer’s domestic and foreign regions do not match
610 SIGNATURE_EXPIRED signature expired
611 SIGNATURE_INVALID invalid signature
700 DO_NOT_HAVE_ANY_MORE_RECORD no more records
800 ACCOUNT_BINDING_USER_NULL account does not exist
801 ACCOUNT_NOT_BINDING device not bound
802 ACCOUNT_BINDING_FAIL device binding failed
804 ACCOUNT_LOCKED account disabled
805 ACCOUNT_USERNAME_PASSWORD_FAIL username/password invalid
806 ACCOUNT_UNIONID_FAIL account is not bound to a third-party user
807 ACCOUNT_PHONE_FAIL phone number is not bound to a third-party user
808 ACCOUNT_UNIONID_PHONE phone number is already bound to other user
809 ACCOUNT_WEIXIN_FAIL Wechat login failed
810 ACCOUNT_WEIBO_FAIL Weibo login failed
811 ACCOUNT_LOGOUT_FAIL logout failed
812 ACCOUNT_LOGIN_IPLIMITFAIL IP address is prohibited
813 ACCOUNT_QQ_FAIL QQ login failed
814 NOREPEAT_SELECT_SOFTWARE unable to select common software repeatedly
900 VALIDATE_PHONE_FAIL phone number already exists
901 VALIDATE_EMAIL_FAIL mailbox already exists
902 VALIDATE_USERNAME_FAIL username already exists
903 ACCOUNT_EMAIL_FAIL mailbox is not bound to an account
904 CURRENCY_NOT_SUPPORT unsupported currency
905 AGENT_NOT_SUPPORT unsupport agent
906 AMOUNT_NOT_SUPPORT please enter a reasonable recharge value
908 COUPONNO_NOT_SUPPORT coupon code is not supported
909 PAYMETHOD_NOT_SUPPORT unsupported payment method
910 NO_INVOICE_ORDER invoice order unavailable
911 NO_INVOICE_ADDRESS invoice order address unavailable
912 SUBUSER_EXISTS_TASKS unable to delete a sub-user with executing tasks
913 SUBUSER_ARREARAGE sub-user is overdue
914 DELSUBUSER_EXISTS_BALANCE there is balance for the sub-user to be deleting
915 NO_INVOICE_TEMPLATE invoice information unavailable
916 RECEIPT_TYPE_ERROR invoice type not match
920 NO_LATEST_VERSION no latest client version
1000 REDIS_CACHE_FAIL redis cache exception
20004 JSON_FILE_UPLOAD_FAILED Uploading json file has failed many times, please check the network environment
200024 ARGUMENT_FORMAT_INVALID The transfer parameter name is set incorrectly. Please check the transfer CMD command
200025 NON-UPLOADABLE FILES Unable to upload the file, check if the file exists or if the file is damaged
1000000 RayvisionError python exception