Make sure local Python environment and PIP are available before use, Complete use analysis, upload, download automation process, in addition to the analysis package of the rendered software, you also need to install: rayvision_api, rayvision_log, rayvision_utils, rayvision_sync.

Installation Guide

1. Software analysis packages

SDK Maya:
  • rayvision_maya

SDK Houdini:
  • rayvision_houdini

SDK Clarisse:
  • rayvision_clarisse

SDK 3ds Max:
  • rayvision_max

  • rayvision_c4d

SDK Blender
  • rayvision_blender

2. other model packages

upload/download package:
  • rayvision_sync

log package:
  • rayvision_log

interface/check package:
  • rayvision_api

common method package:
  • rayvision_utils

3. Installation

Method One (recommended):

  • Download from Python official pypi (example for maya)

    pip install rayvision_maya

Method Two:

Download source code directly from GitHub(example for maya):

git clone

other modules are installed similarly to the secondary installation method