Arnold Standalone Configuration


File to save the analysis result of the scene, including scene name, cg software version, render settings, etc.


    "software_config": {
        "plugins": {},
        "cg_version": "",
        "cg_name": "Arnold Standalone"
    "task_info": {
        "tiles": "1",
        "graphics_cards_num": "2",
        "edit_name": "arnord1111",
        "job_stop_time": "86400",
        "stop_after_test": "1",
        "frames_per_task": "1",
        "ram": "64",
        "time_out": "43600",
        "pre_frames": "100",
        "task_id": "38226011",
        "user_id": "100150764",
        "project_name": "ff",
        "project_id": "426731",
        "input_cg_file": "E:/fang/ass_test/static_ass.ass",
        "task_stop_time": "86400",
        "cg_id": "2003",
        "hardwareConfigId": ""
    "additional_info": {},
    "scene_info_render": {
        "common": {
            "frames": "1-10[1]"


parameter type Is it necessary description example
software_config dict Y environment(cg software, version and plugins, etc.) refer to software_config
task_info dict Y render settings(priority frames, render range, etc.) refer to task_info
scene_info_render dict Y analysis result(render node, output, etc.) refer to scene_info_render


parameter type Is it necessary description example
cg_name string Y software "Arnold Standalone"
cg_version string Y software version ""
plugins dict N The SDK or kernel version of Arnold {}


parameter type Is it necessary description default example
graphics_cards_num string Y 1: open single card rendering 2: open dual card rendering "2" "2"
ram string Y ram: 64 / 128 "64" "64"
input_cg_file string Y Input file path,you have to use backslashes "E:/fang/ass_test/static_ass.ass",or Serialized rendering: "E:/fang/ass_test/animation_ass.####.ass"
job_stop_time string Y Set the frame timeout time, will only affect the current frame, unit seconds "259200" "28800"
user_id string N user id,not necessary, can be automatically obtained from the server "100150764"
pre_frames string Y Priority rendering (priority frames are not recommended to customize multiple individual frames) "000" "000: 1,3-4 [1]" means: Priority rendering first frame: No Priority rendering middle frame: No Priority rendering last frame: No Priority rendering custom frame: 1,3-4 [1]
project_id string N project id "0" "426731"
project_name string N project name "ff"
tiles string N tile number, 1 for single node, greater than 1 for tiles rendering(multi-nodes) "1" "1"
stop_after_test string Y "1":pause after priority render, "2":continue after priority render (default "2") "2" "2"
task_id string N task id,Not necessary, can be automatically obtained from the server "38226011"
task_stop_time string N Large task timeout stops in unit seconds, "0" means unlimited "0" "86400"
time_out string Y Overtime reminder time, unit: sec "43200" "43200"
cg_id int Y Arnold rendering cgid can only be 2003 2003


parameter type Is it necessary description example
common string Y Public parameters for rendering
frames string Y Frame range for rendering "1-10[1]"


File to save assets info


  • Please only use English letter, Number, and Underline in the file name and file path;

  • Fox does not support A,B,C,D drives, we do not support shared shared directory (\share\project) and IP path like “\”;

  • Please make sure the folder structure at Fox is the same as your local;

  • Root directories can’t exceed 22 folders;

upload.json example

  "asset": [
      "local": "E:/chensr/scene/", 
      "server": "/E/chensr/scene/"


parameter type description example
asset object Asset path information to be uploaded refer to asset

asset Parametric Interpretation

parameter type description example
local string local path of asset "E:/chensr/scene/"
server string Relative path on the server side, generally consistent with local "/E/chensr/scene/"